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The following represent examples of one very important aspect of Best Home Marketing…the consumer facing single property website containing extensive property information in additional to excellent photography that sells and substantiates property value.


3771 Riverly Trace


50 Old Fuller Mill Rd


5313 Baldwin Ridge Trail


Succinctly stated, Best Home Marketing by MGR is the summation of superior marketing, extensive on-line and in-home coordinated high-quality property information directly accessible to buyers, offensive and defensive measures to leverage the inefficiencies inherent in the residential real estate market, exhaustive pricing analysis and strategies used to launch the listing as well as to address unexpected events, and the personal availability to execute impactful activities selected for their ability to effect the seller’s financial bottom line and objective – to walk from closing with as much cash in as little time as possible. The Best Home Marketing approach to selling higher value property creates an environment that enhances the prospects for more showings; more offers, sooner; simultaneous offers; higher and better offers; backup offers leading to backup contracts; and retains the contract value through the closing date…in essence, it sets the stage for superior results. Best Home Marketing is the means by which MGR achieves its goal to prepare the seller and position the property in a manner that leaves little to chance in the process of giving the seller the best opportunity to net more at closing, in less time . The obtainment of this goal is plausible only within the framework of the MGR business model and from the on-the-job experience gained from assessing hundreds of homes and resulting in over 100 transactions in various Atlanta markets as an investor and then as a Realtor working with clients in their search for a deal or the ideal home.





It was in 2012 when it became apparent that sellers of higher value property were being handicapped, in part by an MLS with limitations and constraints, and by agents working within the confines of the system. A single template was, and still is the means for listing a single family detached home in the MLS, whether it is a luxury estate or a starter home, and relied upon by even the most experienced and successful agents as the sole marketing message.

Further research revealed that in only a few instances did listings include more than the basic data fields in the online marketing. When additional information was provided it was most often a contractual document; e.g., Seller’s Property Disclosure, HOA Disclosure, survey, lead-based paint disclosure, etc. And, in very limited numbers was a marketing piece such as a property flyer included.

The initial presumption that better marketing would be found among listings of primarily upscale property turned out not to be the case – it was peppered throughout all but the lowest price ranges. A few mid price range listings received extra marketing while many upscale listings lacked what I believe is proper and commensurate with a luxury home.

With this revelation, MGR set out on a mission inspired to demonstrate that not only could more be done but more should be done, and the Best Home Marketing approach to selling higher value property was born. Everything about Best Home Marketing is intended to make a significant contribution to the seller’s interest, from aligning the advertising and marketing with property value, to creating marketing that positions the property to be distinctive and memorable, and sells the value. As different as Tiffany vs Macy’s, Ritz-Carlton vs Holiday Inn, and Mercedes-Benz vs Chevrolet.

Best Home Marketing best practices continue to evolve from the initial introduction of a single property website to give buyers direct access to extensive property information (not just a warehouse for a lot of photos). High quality and professional on-line and in-home presentations leap those of even the most distinguished agents. Offensive and defensive strategies have been incorporated to retain contract value, not just “sell for top dollar”. And a pricing strategy that leverages the inherent inefficiencies that exist when buying / selling residential real estate and provides a road map for what to do and when based on observations of buyer/seller behavior.



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