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Meet with Brady Miller before hiring a listing agent to be better informed and prepared to hire the right agent.

As with any business, hiring is crucial to success, and in real estate this can mean not having to make the bed daily for what might seem eternity, selling as-is without repairs, and ultimately, closing with more money.

Tips for hiring the right listing agent…

#4 – Look for a track record of success as an initial qualifying criteria to earn a seat at the kitchen table. The following credentials and statements may get your attention, but these alone should not be the deciding factor.

  • Various certifications, designations, training credentials (e.g., ABR, CRS, GIR, SRS, CDPS)
  • Impressive titles; e.g., Broker, Assistant Broker, Team Leader, Listing Specialist, Rainmaker
  • “Top producing team in the ZIP code”
  • “Top 2% nationally within the brokerage firm”
  • “Live in / know the area”
  • “Sold houses in the neighborhood”
  • “Been in real estate for decades, know and have seen it all”
  • “Will list the house on international home search websites”
  • “Long client list for references and online reviews”
  • “XX clients in the past year can’t be wrong”
  • “Will sell the house for top dollar”
  • “Sell your home in 90 days or sell it for free”
  • “Sell your home within 120 days, or we will buy it”
  • “No risk, cancel the listing at any time”
  • “Free repairs”
  • “Free staging”
  • “Don’t like your new home? We’ll buy it back!”
  • “Discounted commission, put an extra $16,000 in your pocket”


#3 – Think twice about hiring someone based just on a personal connection or their recommendations. This can be a recipe for a poor outcome, both in terms of selling the property as well as continuing an ongoing valued relationship. It can be awkward at best to have a business conversations with family or friends, and worse should you choose not to hire him/her. While there may be a strong urge to “support” a friend, recognize that not having the right agent can be costly in terms of dollars and time.

#2 – Talk with (interview) more than one agent before hiring. This step is counter to the norm as the overwhelming majority of sellers meet with just one agent. This process may explain why so many homes go unsold, expire or are withdrawn from the market; and may reflect consumer misguided thinking that: a) all agents deliver the same valued service, b) agents have little influence over the transaction, and/or c) the “local” agent must be the best.

#1 – MOST IMPORTANT, understand how the agent does business – their business model. Assuming they do what they say, their business model will provide the insight needed to assess which agent is capable of delivering what probably matters most to the seller – more money at closing in less time!

Where to begin?

Talk to people who live in the area who have recently used an agent to sell their house. Don’t automatically add a 3rd party recommendations to your list, or an agent who helped someone purchase a home.

Take note of agents listing homes in the area for sale; however, don’t assume the agent you meet at an Open House is the Listing Agent. Agents doing a lot of business often solicit help with Open Houses. Decipher nebulous language, such as “we work together”, “we are on the same team” or “work for the same office or brokerage”.

Watch your mailbox and for online advertising. Online ads and print media can look great and present a compelling message when in reality it could be from a novice and/or someone who does not live in your area.

It is no small matter to be a success in any business. In real estate, success is often measured by years in business, number of transactions (homes sold), sales volume (dollar value of homes sold), the size of their team, number of clients, number of reviews, frequency in which you hear/see their name, and of course how much money they make.

These accomplishments can be impressive and enticing, but they don’t address what is most important; i.e., achieving the end goal of more money at closing in less time.

A personal meeting with MGR promises to be be very informative.

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