*Stats available for September, 2020 (as of 10/6/20)


The Miller Group Realty business model is the foundation for the most compelling approach to selling residential real estate that gives the seller the best opportunity to net more at closing in less time.

  • Driven by client interests and objectives (not number of transactions).
  • Fewer clients at a time of higher value property (generally $600k+) means more time to personally execute impactful activities and leaving little to chance.
  • Serve East Cobb and fringe areas with an exclusive focus on four elementary schools that feed Walton High School (hyperlocal).
  • Concentration on single family residential detached homes.
  • Provide superior marketing and advertising with extensive property information directly accessible by buyers and agents.
  • Create a Tiffany’s experience and environment


Sellers with the greatest potential to leverage the MGR business model have not previously listed their home; it has been updated, improved, or unique in some way; and desire to be under contract within 60 days.

Sellers offering property needing repairs and/or updates will also benefit from the Best Home Marketing approach.

Brady welcomes invitations to meet in person to discuss individual circumstances in order to assess how he can be of service and adapt to meet individual needs. The above criteria are general guidelines. Contact MGR with any questions and/or to schedule an appointment at 678-933-7780 and Brady@MillerGroupRealty.com.

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