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Why choose Miller Group Realty to sell your house?

The short answer is a reference back to the MGR Vision, Mission, Goal and Results, all of which are driven by the business model.

  • Vision: Become BIG By Being SMALL.
  • Mission: Raise Seller Awareness – More Can Be Done.
  • Goal: Net More At Closing, In Less Time.
  • Results: Clients Moved By The Experience.
  • Business Model: Serving fewer clients at a time provides more time to personally execute impactful activities in the hyperlocal market of East Cobb and more specifically the Walton High School area.


In summary, MGR offers the most compelling approach to sellers of higher value property who want to avoid leaving money on the table, interrupting the day upon a moment’s notice for a showing, keeping the house in model-home appearance for weeks if not months, and living with uncertainty day-to-day.”

MGR is the below surface engine that drives the performance resulting in clients Moved By The Experience.

The Moved By The Experience Experience

The emotional response to listing a house for sale can range from excitement and celebration following the closing, to dejection after many weeks or months trying to sell – seller fatigue!

It is probably safe to say that most people would regard and understand how an Expired or Withdrawn listing would be a disappointment and perhaps wonder, “What-if?” Even following a sale there can be nagging questions of, “Could things have been better?”; i.e., less time on market, more money at closing, fewer showings, less interruptions, were repairs necessary, etc. The what-if questions can even materialize following a quick sale at full price; i.e., was the price too low, did we give up to many things, or did we leave money on the table.

These questions and others are minimized as MGR makes every effort to leave little to chance in creating the most favorable environment to generate more showings, more offers sooner, simultaneous offers, higher and better offers, backup offers and backup contract(s), and to retain the contract value through the day of closing.

Moved By The Experience is not just about the physical move, but clients eager to share an extremely satisfying outcome & relationship.

Strategy to Net More, In Less Time vs. Agent Information

There are perhaps hundreds of more “qualified” agents from which to choose to sell your house. Agents with more credentials, local market knowledge, specializations, current listings and past transactions, references and reviews, years of experience, awards and higher rankings, online appearances, and stories to convey.

At the outset it would seem that selecting an agent meeting some or all of the above criteria is the right thing to do to ensure a sale. It would be the safe bet. And just to be sure, for an extra measure of certainty, follow-on questions may be added; e.g., what is the commission, have you sold in my neighborhood, can the listing agreement be terminated, do you have a guarantee, do you help stage the house, etc.

At this point you know a lot about the agent, but perhaps not enough to choose the right one.

It is important to keep in mind that information about an agent and a strategy for helping sellers net more at closing in less time are not one in the same.

Brady welcomes invitations to meet in person to discuss individual circumstances in order to assess how he can be of service and adapt to meet individual needs. Contact him with questions and/or to schedule an appointment at 678-933-7780 and Brady@MillerGroupRealty.com.

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